Publishing your Project Insights

Why Publish Your Project Insights?

Publishing information about your project and its results is a great way to share your study with the larger scientific community, funders, and other stakeholders. Our Insights pages are designed to be accessible and interpretable by a variety of different audiences. We encourage you to make your Project Insights public so that others can view your amazing work! It will also help to facilitate collaboration and share knowledge amongst the ecoacoustics and conservation community. We love when Arbimon users can find opportunities to work together and magnify the scope of their projects!

How to Publish your Project Insights

1. Go to the project menu bar and click Ecological insights

2. Click on Share Insights on Arbimon.

You can edit all the different sections (About, Methods, Key results, Stakeholders, Resources) as well as select which highlighted species you want to include.

3. This will make your Insights pages public, and accessible for viewing with the link provided. Making the project Insights public also means that full project info will be listed on the Arbimon Project Directory.

  • You can view the Project Insights as a guest would by clicking on View as Guest.
  • If you want to hide your Project Insights, you can do so by clicking on Hide Insights to non-project Members.