Uploader FAQs

What type of audio files are compatible with RFCx Arbimon? 

Arbimon supports most commonly used audio files, but we recommend using WAV and FLAC.

What types of filename time formats are compatible with Arbimon?

Currently Arbimon supports filename formats for: SongMeters (Wildlife Acoustics), Swifts (Cornell), BARs (Frontier Labs), and AudioMoths. 

How large of a file can be uploaded into Arbimon?

Arbimon can upload files up to 200MB (1-hour recording file). However, please note that the uploader will automatically break up files into 1-minute recordings in the platform.

Why can't I see my recently uploaded recordings?

Recordings can take some time to appear in the Recordings section, depending on your internet connection and the number of recordings uploaded. If you've uploaded hundreds or thousands of recordings it can take a while. Otherwise, wait a few moments then refresh your browser and they should be there! 

If you are still having any difficulties please contact our support team by chat or email at contact@arbimon.org.