Using the Arbimon Project Directory

The Arbimon Project Directory allows us to highlight the amazing work that our thousands of users, collaborators, and partners are engaged in. We love when Arbimon users can find opportunities to work together and magnify the scope of their projects! The Directory facilitates those connections so that people can see who else on ecoacoustics in certain regions or with particular species.

You can access the project directory by going to Arbimon and clicking on 'Projects' in the top menu.

You will see a world map with points on it (representing Arbimon projects in the area) and a list of projects on the left-side panel. You can search for projects by country, project name or keyword.

All projects with at least 1000 recordings are searchable within the directory, but the amount of information displayed varies based on whether your project is public or private. We use the mean GPS point of all sites in your project to create that project's dot on the map.

If your project is private, only the project name and summary stats (# of recordings, # sites, etc.) will be shown.

If your project is public, the directory will show information on your project and its Insights (and link to the full project Insights page).

We encourage you to make your Project Insights public so that others can view your amazing work! It will also help to facilitate collaboration and share knowledge amongst the ecoacoustics and conservation community.