What is Arbimon?

Arbimon is a free web interface for biologists, ecologists and citizen scientists to work with audio data collected from the field using an AudioMoth, Swift, SongMeter, or any other recording device. The Arbimon web app was designed for ecologists and biologists needing to conduct sophisticated scientific analyses on large volumes of audio data collected from the field.

From there, biologists and ecologists can formulate conclusions which can guide publications of scientific papers and/or inform conservation practices. Arbimon is now being used by thousands of scientists around the world to support conservation and ecological projects. Check out how to get started with Arbimon here.

You can also learn more about the platform on our How it Works and FAQ pages.

*Note: Currently, the ability to analyze audio using convolutional neural networks (CNN) models is only available to our partners. If you're interested in using our models or developing new ones, please reach out to us at contact@arbimon.org!