Getting Started with Arbimon

Arbimon is a free, web-based and AI-powered platform for storing, managing, visualizing, and analyzing passive acoustic data. Check out our How it Works and FAQ pages for general information about the platform.

If you'd like to get started using Arbimon, this help page will go through typical workflows and link out to other help pages specific to each step.


Arbimon is a collaborative platform, where users can be added to multiple projects and projects can have an unlimited number of users. Within each project there are sites (locations where recorders were deployed) which each have recordings from that site. The infographic below shows this basic organizational structure.


The infographic below outlines a typical workflow for users.

Check out the following help pages for each step:

1. Set-up project

    1. Make an account
    2. Create a project in your account
    3. Add users to the project
    4. Add sites to the project
    5. Upload recordings to the sites
    6. Add species to the project

2. Explore Recordings in the Visualizer

3. Run Analyses

    1. Pattern Matching
    2. Random Forest Model
    3. Audio Event Detection & Clustering
    4. Soundscape Analysis

4. Validate Results (see analysis-specific links above)

5. Visualize Results in Insights

6. Publish Insights