Using the Insights Spotlight page

Species-specific Information

While the other Insights pages (Richness, Activity, etc.) are focused more on providing community-wide insights, the Species Spotlight page is meant to highlight species-specific trends and information. This page is useful if there are particular focal species for your project that you want to get a more detailed look at. These could include species that are endangered, endemic, invasive, etc.

Explore the Insights Species Spotlight Page

1. Go to the project menu and click Ecological Insights. Select the Spotlight tab.

This page offers an in-depth look at individual species' detection and occurrence trends. You can select the species of interest in the dropdown or by searching for its scientific or common name. 

You can see summary information about the species, including its IUCN RedList category, a photo, an audio clip of its call, and more information (usually pulled from IUCN).

The first map shows the detection results by site and allows for filtering by detection frequency, the number of detections (raw), and naive occupancy (i.e., the proportion of occupied sites). 

Raw values for detection frequency and naive occupancy are also provided above the map. The map can be downloaded as a PNG file by clicking the Download icon in the upper-right corner of the image.

Next, a graph displays either detection frequency or the number of detection results by the hour, day of the week, or month. The figure can be downloaded as a PNG file by clicking the Download icon.

Like the other Insights pages, you can create comparisons by subsetting the species-specific information by site or date range.

The comparisons will then show up like this: 

You can download the data that is used to create these figures as a spreadsheet by clicking the Download Source button on the top-right of this Spotlight page.

This will download a zipped folder of CSV files that group the data in different ways.

  • -h (data by hour)
  • -s (data by site)
  • -y (data by year)