Creating a Template

What is a Template?

A template is a good example of an acoustic signal of interest (e.g., a species-specific call). This article will show you how to create a Template which can be used when creating a new Pattern Matching job. 

How to Create a Template

1. In the project menu click Explore, then Visualizer. Open recordings by selecting a site and a date or by selecting a playlist (see the Visualizer help doc here)

2. Search for the call/song of a focal species in the selected recording. Search for a call/song that has a strong signal (high signal-to-noise ratio) and does not overlap with other sounds. When you find a call that you want to turn into a template, select Templates in the Visualizer menu. 

3. Make sure the species is added to your project (see Add a Species page). The species needs to be added to your project before you can create a template for that species.

4. Drag a box around the call/song. Assign a name for the template and select the species/call type. Click Create Template. 

Tip: if you have multiple users adding templates to a project, we recommend having users include their initials in the template name so that you can see who created which templates

You can see your project templates by going to the project menu and clicking Audio analyses, then Pattern Matching. Click on the Project Templates tab. 

You can choose to make your templates public (adding them to the Public Template Library) by clicking the toggle to 'ON' (outlined in red in the screenshot below).

Making your templates public allows everyone to use them with a CC0 license.

If you have public templates that you have saved to your project, you will see them in this list as well, alongside the 'linked' marker (outlined in the yellow in the screenshot below). You'll also be able to see the user who added that template and the source project it came from (hover over to see the full name).

You can download each template clip by clicking the download icon on the right side of the page (see below in red).

If you want to download all project templates at once, you can click the 'Export all templates' button (in red in screenshot below).

You will be prompted to input an email address to send the results, which will be comprised of a WAV file of each template as well as a CSV containing information about the templates (see example below).